Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blog Post #2

Absolute freedom and wildness is the art of walking and taking walks. Today I took an unplanned walk through one of my favorite running trails. It's set aside from the high school I attended and lies in between the school and a large park. As of now it's filled with bare trees, leaves on every inch of the trail and most importantly a view that to some people would describe as, incredible. "We find nature beautiful when it appears as art and art beautiful when it appears as nature."- Casper David Friedrich. Today I used landscape to express my inner spirituality. Cosmos means beauty and derives from the ancient greeks. Today pleasure arrives from the outline, color, motion and grouping. Regardless the unpleasant view, in some way its ugliness and cold brisk air made it beautiful. Today nature was medicinal and became an object of the intellect.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog #1

"Beauty is order out of chaos. Nature is always beautiful and never ugly which is only encouraged by humans." While our lives can be unbelievably chaotic, it is important to pause and take hold of the moment. Most mornings after hitting the snooze button more than once and having many morning activities most of us don't take time to appreciate the moment or even the sunrise. If we can control the chaos, block out the long to-do's on our list for just a few short minutes, we can find the beauty that is right in front of us. For me that moment at 7:30 happened as I stood up and opened my blinds to look outside on that calm early January morning, the lights gleaming through the dark blue sky off in the horizon, the clouds coming together as my day was getting ready to start.  Normally most mornings are rush rush rush but after I spent some quiet time even if it were just for three minutes I found some peace within myself to see not just the beauty outside my home but I found a little peace of beauty every where I looked that day. For me on the chaos days if I take time to find the beauty around me then I find a since of order.
(sorry the picture is sideways)