Thursday, May 2, 2013


Aesthetic experience which is argued by Eaton is marked by perception of and reflection upon intrinsic properties of objects and events that a community considers worthy of attention. Eaton states that if our goal really is creating and maintaining sustainable environments, then the thinking must be given priority in our appreciation.  Success in making and preserving environmentally maintainable environments depends on designers’ and maintainers’ abilities to understand and represent in environments those things that will keep the community’s visual attention and interest. Pretty much here he is saying that people are only going to want to help and save/maintain nature that they feel aesthetically beautiful.

The Movie

We watched a movie in class with Johnny Depp in it. In the movie he was moving to accept a job from a company. What crossed my mind while watching this film was how the different shots were not as appleasing to me as some others I have seen. I then thought that people from different places/backrounds are going to have different experiences in different types of nature. In the movie it seemed as Johnny Depp did not find the west very aesthetically pleasing. I felt this was becuase he was from the city. May be someone from the west might have the same feeling if they were to move to the city.


After watching the kestrel movie I had almost felt lost. Also reading some other blogs about it I think others felt the same as me. Some of the scenes in this movie were very pleasing to the eye. I just didnt understand the filming as to what was different than if i was to go and watch something like this in the woods. I understand that its different for every person, but it just didnt seem like a movie for me.

Blog 7

Henry talks about ego in The inward morning. He talks as it being a bad thing. He talks as if it was something that needs to be fixed. He says that experience helps fix the ego. He talks about experience alot. He also talks about how you only know what to do in certain events because of experience. If you did not have any experience then you would be lost at what to do.

Blog 6

When I was sitting in my chair at home I realized my dog was starring out the window. She would do this for hours. She is a very lazy dog. I then wondered to myself, do you animals have a aesthetic apreciation for nature? When animals wander through the woods is it becuase they are chasing someone or cause they are curious what is out there?

My Walk

My aimless walk was actually pretty aimless. We recently moved out in southern campbell county.
I was trying to sleep when my mom kept telling me to do my homework. Eventually she told to get out of the house since i wouldnt do my homework lol. So i went outside and just walked around. I found myself wandering around the woods just because i didnt wanna work on homework. When I was a little younger and lived at my old house I would spend so much time in the woods that I could literally name where every tree was and every trail. Now that I am older it seems as that is not true to today. It seems to me as we get older priorities change so much. Instead of worrying what our layout of our treehouse might be we are worrying about making car payments and getting to work on time. I have always told myself that when I grow up I will always find time to enjoy myself. Whats it worth trying to make as much money as possible your entire life and not taking the time to spend or not even spend it but take time to enjoy life, after all YOLO! ( you only live once )


When I was little I had always wished that I could some how be stuck on and island and have to live off what it provided for me. I live out towards the country so im pretty well knowledgeable about the enviroment in which i usually find myself. I felt as I would be pretty good at living off the land and being able to care for myself. Im actually sorta jealous to know that thoreau actually spent two years living off of nature. One of my favorite movies that makes me want to do this even more is cast away. I love that movie!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog 3

When I went to hawaii in 7th grade this was easily the best place to go the entire trip.
The water inside the horseshoe was the clearest water I had ever seen. This is where we got to
go snorkling and swim.

Blog 5

My girlfriend's family took me on a week long trip over the summer to the Isle of Palms, SC.  I have to say this is one of the most relaxing places I have ever been.  I didn't think it was anything special as I was driving over the mile long bridge, but once I got there I understood why people love this place.  The long beach was perfect for relaxing in the sun and the ocean was amazing.  The tides varied each night so it was interesting to go walk the beach while the sun was rising to see all the different types of marine life and sea shells washed up on the beach.  The locals told us that it was common to run across snakes or alligators on the beach, thank God we didn't!  Everyone is so calm and nice so it was pleasing to get away to an unfamiliar area which was so relaxed all the time.  The sun setting in the evening was perfect, the way it glistened off the water made you feel apart of the atmosphere.  I loved this place and would recommend it to everybody.

Blog 4

My sophomore, junior, and senior year of high school, I went to Las Vegas to play in a basketball tournament.  Looking back on traveling around Vegas, I realized how sublime it is.  Every which way you look, you get the feeling that you are in the desert by the tall rangy mountains surrounding the city.  Flying in to Vegas I was amazed to see the Grand Canyons, they were so massive and it felt like it took forever to fly over.  We stayed at the Stratosphere which is the hotel with the huge sky needle type building, with rides at the very top, attached to it.  I feel very close to the city life so I find looking at big cities and their sky lines pretty cool.  I think seeing huge building out in the middle of nowhere is relaxing, even though most poeple feel rushed and out of place.  I thrive in city life and love seeing the locals and their art displayed on buildings by "tagging".  Most poeple feel graffiti de-moralizes the city but I feel like it adds character to the city.

Blog 3

When I tell people about a little island in Lake Erie, close to Canada border, I get mixed responses.  Some people don't have a clue what/where Put-In-Bay is, some people say the great fishing island, some people say the party island, and some others say it holds historical significance.  All of these are dead on the money when you talk about this small island but a lot of people don't say, the island with beautiful scenery.  The island is so small that everyone rides around in golf carts or take bikes everywhere they go.
The pictures below show better than I can explain.  I was amazed to go on a boat ride and all of a sudden we come around a bend and you see a huge out of service ferry hanging off a cliff over the water.  I thought this was odd especially when I found out that this was actually a functional house that owners rent out to people visiting.  The island also holds natural beauty with all the trees and surrounding waters, but it also holds a small cave that has amazing views as well.  Small but beautiful.  The island also consist of the "The World's Largest Bar" where you can see plenty of great sights of natural beauty with drunks passed out in the park in front of the bar.  The island is a great place to go fishing.  Not only is the fishing good but you can see breath-taking views of the island, and a 20 minute boat ride you can see the Canada border as well.  If you ever get the chance to visit this place I encourage you to go and see what it's like.  I love going here and being able to get my mind off of everyday stresses and just relax.

Blog 2

To me, Louisville, Ky is very aesthetically pleasing.  This is where I'm from so that might be a reason I am so drawn to the city and the beautiful skyline and waterfront park.  The skyline picture was taken from Indiana side and shows the views of downtown's large buildings.  At night time is the best time to be downtown, simply because the lights are amazing.  Louisville has a buzz about downtown and looking at the skyline at night you can see for yourself.  Waterfront park is one of the best places in Louisville.  Located next to downtown on the Ohio river, it is a great place to go chill.  The great lawn has many great events to attend to.  They have many concerts, firework shows, etc here.  One of the biggest firework displays in the country happens here.  The park next to the waterfront has a trail to walk around and admire the beautiful nature.

My Blog

After I had read the first chapter over and over again I feel as I am confused as most people. I dont understand how nature can not be aesthetically beautiful. Every time I am visiting nature in some way it always takes me back to see works of art or pictures of the great alps or amazing sunsets and just thinking how ccool it would be to be there when that picture was taken.

My Walk

Similar to Rachel, my walk basically consisted of me walking/jogging with friends around the neighborhoods near TMC's campus. We never know where we're going but in our attempts to exercise we always stumble upon the cutest houses and areas in general. I think I'll add "cute" to the list of words we use in environmental aesthetics, as opposed to picturesque, sublime, or beautiful. Cute could almost be synonymous with picturesque, though, because when I think of cute, it is the perfect houses with the perfect yards and the perfect landscaping. They should be in a picture book. However, as I was walking, the perfect neighborhoods reminded me of one of the essays I read and wrote a micro-essay on. The author, whom I cannot recall at the moment, wrote about how the prettiest of lawns may look healthy, but that does not necessarily mean that it is. We use fossil fuels in our lawnmowers to mow to keep our lawns looking clean cut. We eliminate weeds that make our lawn look unruly. The environmental ethics part of this course is what has interested me the most, and seems to be a common theme in my final paper, micro-essays, and even my blogs. So, the ethics of keeping our environment healthy is what went through my mind as I went on my walk.


When it comes to Bugbee I just wanted to give my opinion on his writing. I think that he tries to hard to get his point across. I don't understand a lot of what he writes. I think he has good intentions and that he is a brilliant man. I just feel like he has a lot to say and thinks by saying big words or saying things over and over that it will be understood. However this does not appear to be the case though. I just thought I would give my opinion on his writing.

My walk

I was at home and decided to take my walk at East Fork Lake. I started in my back yard and just went through the woods behind my home. From there I can get to East Fork Lake so I just walked whatever way I felt like going. I ended up at this waterfall place that was really beautiful. Its a place where I would go while I was in highschool a couple times to just think. Thing is I never memorized the way to get there but always manage to stumble onto it. I love it because it is away from the camps, the roads and people in general. I feel like this place just calls out to me every time I am just walking in the woods around there because I always find it. Thing is its different every time I go. This time there were just starting to be leaves on the trees and the rocks were different. It was just a beautiful sight.