Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog 7

For me, I am having a lot of trouble understanding Foltz.  I get some of his points but for the most part I stay lost with him and I do not get lost much with readings so this bothers me. :(

Blog 6

I was driving around this weekend looking for a house to buy for my family.  We ended up in Newport on the hill behind Kroger in a mansion section, I can not remember what it is called but it is off Vine.  The view that you get when you were up there was beyond breath taking for me.  You had a view of the entire city of Newport and into Ohio.  I love views like that.  It allows me to see what all humanity has created and destroyed.  What is created is beautiful for both physically and for usage but it is sad the wildlife that use to live there and has been moved or destroyed to make ways for us.  We do not care or think about that on a daily basis and we should.  We have uprooted so many things in nature for ourselves and there are consequences but we try to sweep them under the rug and move on about our day.

Blog 5

I do agree semi that we should have a scientific background of things.  To know what something is and why it exists, helps us to understand its complexity and for me that makes things more intriguing and draws me in more.  But on the other hand, I can see a down side to having previous knowledge about something.  It predisposes us to others opinions.  We are no longer able to have an unbiased reaction to something because someone else's ideas and thoughts have already been put into our minds.  It is a double edged sword and I do not know which is worse: being ignorant to things around us or being ignorant to allow others to decide how we view things.

Blog 4

The weather we have is crazy.  I was at work on a slow day so I was just looking outside.  One minute the sun was out and it looked so inviting.  I looked away for two minutes and looked back and it was a complete blizzard.  I think the white out had a sublime beauty to it.  I personally hate snow but I look watching it snow.  Its like rain.  It cleans the Earth and washes everything away.  It is like a new start to something or everything.  I love how hills look when they are snow covered.  Personally, I love the look of untouched snow.  Its so soft and pretty until you are reminded that humanity will ruin everything by the vehicle tire tracks going through the new powder everywhere.

Blog 3

Why does are society put so much emphasize on what is beautiful and what is ugly?  Why do we as a person believe that we have the right to claim that something or someone else is ugly?  Everything, I believe, as an aspect of beauty to it.  I may not see the beauty in something but that does not mean that someone else does not see it.  I see beauty in tattoos, snowing so hard that it is a white out, a snake eating a mouse, or the Body's Exhibit that was at Cincinnati Museum Center.  Others, do not view tattoos as beautiful but as ugly and something that should not exist.  Someone else does not get to tell me that the artwork I have is ugly.  Obviously I got each one for a reason and I see them as beautiful.  I wish our society would get the mentality that others opinions do not matter as much as they currently do.  We need to stand up for our own views as what is beautiful and what is not.  But that is never going to happen.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blog #7

One thing that has been on my mind of late was the movie we watched last class which was only music and images. It was quite interesting that way the director do this movie with any dialogue what so ever and only used images with music. I imaged this could be done but I have never seen it done so well as the movie. So many thoughts were going through my head with each different image and scene the movie had. It made me appreciate what I was seeing and not having to worry about a person is talking. Instead only look at the pictures and let my mind decipher what the director was trying to do with these images.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blog #7

Recently we have been discussing human's impact on nature.  Simply looking across the river to Cincinnati is a great example of how humans have used the land for their own personal gain.  What used to be a large forest with trees standing taller than any building, is now just the opposite.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blog #6

Going back to the idea that you have to understand something in order to appreciate it aesthetically, I can agree when it comes to art. It is hard for me to truly appreciate a painting that I see hanging in a museum only because I don't know what it took the artist to create it. For example, is it harder to paint with a certain canvas, is it harder to paint with a certain type of paint or how long did it take the artist to finish the paining? I feel that if it took the artist lets say 12 hours to complete a painting and another artist took 5 hours to complete a painting, knowing that might cause me to aesthetically appreciate the painting more. So, for some things, I think knowing a historical context or having a background makes a difference but other times, that doesn't apply and I disagree with Foltz.

Blog #5

I agree with Carlson and the designer landscape approach. In class, we discussed how different the row of mansions on Turkeyfoot looks because of its surroundings. They look out of place because none of the buildings around it are as large as they are. It got me to think about if I took certain things out of my landscape and placed them somewhere else, how different they would be. For example, if I took the lamp post outside my house that is in my front yard and placed it in the middle of a yard that was 100 acres, it would look totally different. The lamp seems to fit, like it has a place, right next to my driveway in my half-acre front yard. But, if I took it and placed in in the middle of a wide open field, it would have a new meaning and would not "fit in."

Blog #4

In class, we discussed how Foltz believes that we do not have to have a scientific background about a place to have an aesthetic appreciation for it. For example, ever summer my family takes a trip to Cave Run Lake down in Morehead, KY. I don't know anything historically about the lake. I couldn't even tell you how long the lake has been around. But, I still have an appreciation for the lake. I can lay on the front of the boat as we travel around the lake and enjoy the scenery of the trees and the hills around me. I can ski or wakeboard behind the boat and have an aesthetically pleasing experience for the different view I have while I'm traveling across the water behind a boat. So, I agree with Foltz in that one does not have to have scientific knowledge in order to aesthetically appreciate a landscape.

Blog #3

One place that is aesthetically pleasing to me is Devou Park. My high school held prom at Drees Pavilion three years in a row so I had the pleasure of the breathtaking view of Cincinnati while there. Also, our proms were usually on a Friday night when the Reds were playing. This was cool to see because they set off fireworks after the games and we got to see them over the city of Cincinnati. It was aesthetically pleasing to see the city that I drive through and only see through the windshield of my car from above. Also, it was lit up at night which was an awesome way to see the city.

Blog #2

To me, a place that is anesthetically pleasing is a doctors office. Sure, aesthetically they are pleasing in the sense that they are there to benefit people but they are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Doctors offices have plain, bland, white walls filled with chairs of sick patients. Also, the exam rooms are filled with equipment and containers of used needles. Besides for a hospital, to me, there aren't many more places that are this anesthetically pleasing.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sleepy Hollow Blog #6

It's unreal how the weather can change ones mode. With the weather changing and starting to get warmer, I remember why spring is my favorite season.  I love waking up to birds chirping, flowers beginning to blossom, and not having to worry about wearing five layers of clothing just to go outside.  The other day when the temperatures were in the high sixties, I decided to take a jog at the Hamilton Bike Path.  Going for a run outside made me feel so happy and thankful for the weather.  It is amazing how just a nice day can change your entire mood and outlook on that day.  As I was going for a jog, I saw many other people running.  I saw the dam, and even that looked pretty to me that day.  All the birds seemed to have come and were flying alongside the river.  I also ran into people walking their dogs and people riding their bikes.  It makes me excited that spring is right around the corner.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blog #6

One thing that has crossed my mind about being aesthetically appealing would be downtown Cincinnati at night. Every time I pass downtown Cincinnati, the sight of it is at times breathtaking. From the lights to stadiums to all the tall buildings that can be seen from a distance. It is a sight to see when at night and at some point it kind of lights up Cincinnati in a really beautiful way. That what kind of pulls me to admire this beauty I see in downtown Cincinnati. Part of me has always wanted to live downtown so that I could admire the beauty of it every night and enjoy it. Even though it isn't a part of nature, it is still something that can be aesthetically appealing at least to me and grabs people's attention.

Blog # 5

In class we have often discussed that one can have a better aesthetic experience when having a personal connection with the environment. For the most part, I can see why this could give one a better experience. One place that holds that connection with me is Bogarts in Clifton. I've have been to this place many times and so as my dad for a long time for concerts. Whenever I go to the concert venue, it always brings back memories of what bands I have seen and fun experiences I've had. While it is inside of a building, it lies on a descending hill which can be missed if not looking hard enough. When inside the building, looking at the stage shows how close one can get and brings the person up close to what they are seeing. The concert venue gives me a personal connection because of all the times I go there and it is still the same venue after all these years.

Blog 6

One place that I find very beautiful is Devou Park. Devou park has both a golf course and a reception hall and surrouinding area. In my opinion, the golf course is difficult because it is very hilly, but very beautiful. We also used to have cross-country practices at Devou when I was in high school. When we would run through there, we would see the beauty of this area. There are so many trees and different vegetation. It is really beautiful if you look around you while you are there. You can also tell that the park is very well kept which adds to its beauty. When you are up at the reception hall, it has an overlook. This overlook shows the whole Cincinnati skyline. Our proms in high school were always up at this reception area. Because of the times we were there, we could see the city during the day and lit up at night. It is always so beautiful to see when you are there. It is in fact, a picturesque spot because it would be the background of all our pictures, or the picture itself. Overall, Devou Park is a very beautiful place. There is so much that you can see and do in this beautiful park.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blog 6

Foltz states that one can have an aesthetic experience without necessarily having to know the scientific background of what is being observed. This is definitely the case whenever I go on my various ski trips. Whenever I'm shredding a new mountain or hill, I am not thinking of the science behind such locations. Quite honestly, I am just taking in the scenery as a whole and am appreciating it for its natural beauty. The beautiful white powder, the green pines, and often sunny skies all make up a breathtaking snow experience for me. It is so easy to become engulfed in the majesty of such a site, and I am looking forward to the countless more aesthetic experiences that are to come in my next endeavors.

Blog 5

In class we have been discussing the notion that one can find some aesthetic appreciation in even such things as manmade objects. For me, this is quite applicable when speaking of a location in my hometown dubbed The Locks. This location is very interesting in the sense that the main "attraction" is indeed manmade. It is located at the point of two rivers and is engulfed by several locks. A lock is a device for raising and lowering boats between stretches of water of different levels on river. It is indeed an exceptional invention, and provides for an awesome hangout spot! Throughout the year, many people can be observed at the Locks fishing, sunbathing, stargazing, and even swimming at times. The locks themselves even curiously provide a manmade waterfall of some sorts. It is an incredible location that has given me many memories full of laughs and smiles. 

Blog 4

In class, we have been discussing how Carlson believes that one can have a better aesthetic appreciation if you have an established personal connection with the environment being observed. This is without a doubt the case when speaking of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, the home of soccer superstars Real Madrid. Not only is this stadium breathtaking, but I have a long time personal connection with it that will last until the end of my time. Ever since I was a young child, my family has been taking me to Madrid games at this phenomenal coliseum. Very few things compare to the grandeur and majesty of this establishment. Not only is the Bernabeu one of the most architecturally breathtaking soccer stadiums in the world, but is also one of the stadiums with the most history. The atmosphere on game days is ruthless, and one can't help but be engulfed in the magic that is Real Madrid. It is a place that will always have a part of my heart. Hala Madrid

blog 3

To me one of the least aesthetically pleasing of places are hospitals. Apart from the gloomy feel to hospitals due to its purpose, I find it hard to appreciate the beauty of the establishment itself. From my experience with hospitals, I can attest to the fact that interior design is not the greatest. The walls are typically very bare and painted a pasty cream color. Everyone encountered in one's visit seem to all mix in with one another as a consequence of their plain uniforms. Equipment and machinery quickly become the bulk of the "scenery" which tends to provide a somewhat less personable mood. There is a beauty to hospitals seeing how their purpose is to aid the people around us. However on an aesthetic standpoint, I am not in the least bit intrigued.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blog 6 Best of Both Worlds

As I start to gain understanding of all the principles we discuss in class and that are in the readings, I begin to feel more comfortable. I subscribe to the belief that all the ideas are just that. However in a classroom setting, they may appear to be concrete formulas for the appreciation of nature. Ive noticed a sense of awakening as a result so far. Its not that I am just learning new ideas about the aesthetics of nature. It seems that I am unlearning a few as well. Maybe I am letting go of some old ideas that may have been constraining.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Blog #6

We've been talking a lot about Carlson and Foltz in class and about how they have two opinions on nature. And I feel that in order to get the whole beauty out of something you need to be familiar with both of their opinions. You need to be able to see where they both are coming from and be able to see the beauty from their point of view. If you looking at a piece of nature and its ugly you need to look deeper and through the eyes of Carlson and Foltz and see the beauty that they see.

Blog 5

I have gone to Washington DC four different times. I went my eighth grade year as our class trip and also my sophomore, junior, and senior years for the March for Life. In my opinion Washington DC is a very beautiful city. Although it is not all about nature, the environment around you is still beautiful. Some of the different things that help make the capital of our country beautiful are the different monuments, buildings, and museums. The monuments are very beautiful, especially the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Korean War Veteran's Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and the World War II Memorial. All of these sites are beautiful because of the amount of respects paid by the visitors. Each site is also put together so that look just as beautiful. There is also the capital building and the White House that are remarkable structures on the inside and out. The museums are also beautiful because of the different artifacts and models on the inside, whether it is the Natural History museum or Air and Space museum. When you are there for the March for Life, it is also beautiful to see all of the people there to support the right to life. Washington DC is such a beautiful city no matter the reason you are there for. It is a trip that you will never forget.

Blog #6

In contradiction with Carlson, I believe Foltz has a valuable argument in the sense that we don't need to know a landscapes full scientific background in order to appropriately appreciate it. This upcoming weekend I will be visiting Gatlinburg for about the tenth time in my life, and I still wouldn't be able to tell you it's historical significance or background. I am unable to tell you the names of all the plants I see on walking trails in the mountains, or all knowledge of hiking safety, but I am still able to enjoy the scenery. I am able to look out over the mountains and see the detail and color, and have an emotional appreciation with the landscape and nature. I am able to see Gatlinburg as a whole and as beautiful, without knowing all the pieces of information about it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog #6

We’ve have been comparing Carlson and Foltz in class lately, Carlson said you need knowledge of the environment to actually appreciate it and Foltz says that you don’t need too. In my opinion you I agree with both Carlson and Foltz because I’ve been to places that I know nothing about and ending up appreciating is nature around it because of the beauty but in some cases I go to a place and know nothing about it and find something not to pleasant on the eyes and not really know what it does for the nature.

Blog # 5

In Carlson’s book he discussed the beauty of different buildings and architecture. A man-made object that I think is beautiful is the school I went to for high school Elder High School. If you’ve ever been you know it’s an old building and it’s been there since 1922, we’ve added on to make it bigger but the main part is still the same. But the part that is really beautiful is the football field that is right next to the building. The stadium was built by volunteer workers and it’s not like any other stadium that I have ever seen. From the hard work that the people put into building the stadium and even the actual building for the high school it’s hard not to appreciate it, in my eyes its very beautiful and even the building is not like any other. It’s so unique that they just recently built a grand stand for our baseball field and entrance into the grand stance for our baseball field is just like that main entrance to the high school.   

Blog 6

Carlson and Foltz have different views of how nature should be viewed. Carlson says that you need to have knowledge of the environment and how it works, while Foltz says that you don't necessarily need that.  I believe that both views have merit.  You can look at something and see it as truly beautiful without really knowing how it works, but sometimes you look at something and see it as ugly and don't understand it. Maybe in that instance if you knew how it worked and had knowledge on it then you would find it beautiful instead of ugly. It goes the same way where maybe knowing how and why something is that way or what it is makes it seem ugly. Maybe sometimes you just need to see things without really knowing to see them as beautiful.