Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blog 6

One place that I find very beautiful is Devou Park. Devou park has both a golf course and a reception hall and surrouinding area. In my opinion, the golf course is difficult because it is very hilly, but very beautiful. We also used to have cross-country practices at Devou when I was in high school. When we would run through there, we would see the beauty of this area. There are so many trees and different vegetation. It is really beautiful if you look around you while you are there. You can also tell that the park is very well kept which adds to its beauty. When you are up at the reception hall, it has an overlook. This overlook shows the whole Cincinnati skyline. Our proms in high school were always up at this reception area. Because of the times we were there, we could see the city during the day and lit up at night. It is always so beautiful to see when you are there. It is in fact, a picturesque spot because it would be the background of all our pictures, or the picture itself. Overall, Devou Park is a very beautiful place. There is so much that you can see and do in this beautiful park.

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