Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blog # 5

In class we have often discussed that one can have a better aesthetic experience when having a personal connection with the environment. For the most part, I can see why this could give one a better experience. One place that holds that connection with me is Bogarts in Clifton. I've have been to this place many times and so as my dad for a long time for concerts. Whenever I go to the concert venue, it always brings back memories of what bands I have seen and fun experiences I've had. While it is inside of a building, it lies on a descending hill which can be missed if not looking hard enough. When inside the building, looking at the stage shows how close one can get and brings the person up close to what they are seeing. The concert venue gives me a personal connection because of all the times I go there and it is still the same venue after all these years.

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