Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog 3

Why does are society put so much emphasize on what is beautiful and what is ugly?  Why do we as a person believe that we have the right to claim that something or someone else is ugly?  Everything, I believe, as an aspect of beauty to it.  I may not see the beauty in something but that does not mean that someone else does not see it.  I see beauty in tattoos, snowing so hard that it is a white out, a snake eating a mouse, or the Body's Exhibit that was at Cincinnati Museum Center.  Others, do not view tattoos as beautiful but as ugly and something that should not exist.  Someone else does not get to tell me that the artwork I have is ugly.  Obviously I got each one for a reason and I see them as beautiful.  I wish our society would get the mentality that others opinions do not matter as much as they currently do.  We need to stand up for our own views as what is beautiful and what is not.  But that is never going to happen.

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