Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog 6

I was driving around this weekend looking for a house to buy for my family.  We ended up in Newport on the hill behind Kroger in a mansion section, I can not remember what it is called but it is off Vine.  The view that you get when you were up there was beyond breath taking for me.  You had a view of the entire city of Newport and into Ohio.  I love views like that.  It allows me to see what all humanity has created and destroyed.  What is created is beautiful for both physically and for usage but it is sad the wildlife that use to live there and has been moved or destroyed to make ways for us.  We do not care or think about that on a daily basis and we should.  We have uprooted so many things in nature for ourselves and there are consequences but we try to sweep them under the rug and move on about our day.

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