Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blog #6

Recently we have been discussing the differences between Carlson and Foltz's way of viewing nature appropriately.  According to Carlson, knowledge is crucial to the aesthetic appreciation of the natural world.  On the other hand, Foltz believes the scientific knowledge of the environment is not absolutely necessary in viewing nature.  In my opinion, it Foltz is more right in what he believes.  He does not expel the use of scientific knowledge, but he does acknowledge that other forms of appreciation are applicable.  This is true when going on vacations, for my instance to Florida over spring break with softball every year.  I do not know the history nor the in debt environmental science behind the landscapes that I view, but I feel my general knowledge is sufficient and allows me to experience those landscapes appropriately.

Monday, February 24, 2014

blog 4

The Ohio River is quite possibly one of the most beautiful environments I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  The Ohio is home hundreds of organisms both native and foreign.  The water level rises and falls with the seasons.  One day it can be calm, the next it can be rough waters.  The river is constantly changing, and this is what I love about it.  But it is not just the water itself that makes up the Ohio River.  You also have to include the land around it.  There are countless numbers of land creatures that rely on the river for everyday life.  It is not just animals that rely on the river plants and humans also need the river to live.  Speaking of humans we have designed our way of life around rivers.  All along the Ohio we find towns, cites, and bridges.

Blog 3

My place of work is one of the least aesthetic appeasing places I have ever been to.  The lighting is all fluorescence and the main colors are grey and tan.  The music they play is very slow and calming.  The overall atmosphere is very boring and puts you to sleep.  This is the opposite of the kind of environment that I want to work in.  If I could I would never step foot inside this building ever again.  I would rather work in a place with a lot more green and other colors.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog #5

Something that has been on my mind was Carlson placing myth in the secondary category when we discussed the correct curriculum for aesthetic appreciation. Now I could see why Carlson would put myth in the secondary but thinking about it, myth can in a lot of ways prove to be very helpful in having aesthetic appreciation. For example there are many cultures that have myths that help explain why things are in place and knowing that can provide a richer experience when in nature. I am a big fan of Greek mythology and for example they give an interesting way of describing how mountains came to be. I know these are myths that more than likely didn't happen that way but knowing myths like that give me richer experiences and better appreciation like when I see mountains. I am only simply defending how myth could prove to be more helpful than before realizing that.

Blog #5 Austin Justice

As the day drags on from dawn until dusk, I am drawn to, perhaps, one of the most stellar, stunning and surreal experiences in my lifetime. Discovery Cove, a theme park owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, is located in Orlando, Florida. At this particular park, my family planned to have a wonderful time. Discovery Cove boasted a multitude of attractions. It contained a coral reef where guests could use their snorkeling equipment to observe and interact with thousands of tropical fish, a free-flight aviary where guests could interact with over 250 tropical birds and the Grand Reef where guests could interact with various forms of sea life while wearing special underwater gear. Furthermore, my entire family reserved an allotment of time for all of us to interact with and swim with a bottlenose dolphin. Although I cannot bring myself to recall the exact period of time when I went for the ride of a lifetime, I firmly remember the visceral experience of learning about dolphin behavior and communication and holding tightly on to its dorsal fin for dear life as it brought me from the unforgiving ocean depths back to the safe shoreline. While Carlson is quick to argue against our immersion in nature, I would say that experiences in the natural world can be brought together with scientific knowledge and common sense to establish the appropriate aesthetic appreciation of nature. After all, life is worth living; we live life to the fullest through our own experiences. Sincerely, Austin Justice

Blog #6 Austin Justice

Have you ever felt as though you don't belong somewhere? My dad and I recently attended the 2013 Wild Card Playoff Game between my beloved San Diego Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. Allen Carlson discusses the beauty of man-made buildings; Paul Brown Stadium is a fine example of a beautiful man-made structure. The simplicity of seating arrangements is contrasted with the complexity of amenities and attractions around the stadium. I had never previously attended a game of my favorite NFL team; therefore, I seized the opportunity to make the trip to downtown Cincinnati. Now, I can wholeheartedly suggest that being on the outside looking in is one of the most frightening feelings in existence. Furthermore, my fundamental flaw is getting overly passionate about certain subjects to a fault. I was extremely concerned with the fate of my favorite football team, which was out of my control. My dad and I wanted to grab a bite to eat beforehand, but each and every restaurant was filled to maximum capacity with Cincinnati Bengals fans. I couldn't comprehend this; here is an organization without a playoff win in over two decades and their fans still show their loyalty? Out of the 65,535 seats in Paul Brown Stadium, I would predict that 60,000 seats belonged to Bengals fans while 5,535 seats belonged to Chargers fans. My dad and I were situated in excellent seats; they were nestled next to the Chargers' tunnel. The cramped, crowded conditions of the entire stadium rendered me overheated as time ticked on. My dad and I each had four layers of clothing on for the entirety of the game; it was merely suffocating, to say the least. The electrifying, engaging atmosphere never ceased to exist; the crowd continually raised its voice to cheer on "its" team. Considering the fact that Carlson integrates scientific knowledge and common sense into his Natural Environmental Model, I also utilized his approach while watching the game. Since I understand the complexities and intricacies of human anatomy, as well as the rules and regulations of the NFL, I was able to more effectively appreciate and apprehend the situation at-hand. It was truly an experience unlike any other. The San Diego Chargers always fight until the bitter end, which is why I've always been a fervent fan of the organization. How did the game turn out? San Diego Chargers 27, Cincinnati Bengals 10. (When I attend a San Diego Chargers' game, the team is 1-0!) Sincerely, Austin Justice

Blog #4 Austin Justice

As I reflect upon my past experiences, I am inclined to elaborate upon the place I call home. My own humble abode is nestled amongst the prosperous, successful and suburban town of Mason, Ohio. Our residence seems to wholeheartedly captures the essence of the nuclear family; the red brick house with forest green shutters draws parallels with the common colors of Christmas. This highlights our emphasis on spending quality time together, as a family. The withered wooden mailbox serves as a testament to the solidarity of family life, as well as the longevity of friendships. The messy, mossy grass is always meticulously cut down; this further conveys the consistent organizational process that we go through each and every day to achieve a sense of perfection. The uneven, unknown landscape in the backyard usually contains two Siberian Huskies that sprint and slide across the slippery morning dew. As Allen Carlson expands upon, a cultural or personal connection with a landscape may conjure up a heightened, intense and relevant response of the natural world. Considering the fact that I was born and raised in this delightful dwelling for the entirety of my life, I hold each and every characteristic of the house near and dear to my heart. Furthermore, the multitude of memories that linger in my mind also enhances my perspective on the nature within and surrounding my house. I cannot express in words the gratitude I have towards my home. While I recognize that time continues to tick on, I know that I am not alone; I can and will always come home. Sincerely, Austin Justice

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blog #4

My cousins have some land in Westchester, Ohio, where I spend a lot of my time at during the summer mouths. We utilize their land to make time go past as their is not much going on out their. My older cousins has invested in some off road vehicles over the years  such as go carts, four wheelers, and dirt bikes. We often fiend ourselves riding the dirt trails for recreational use, and hands down this is one of my favorite stress relievers. As we take sharp turns, and ride through trains like creak beds, and muddy hills I cant help but to take In all of the wiled life along the way. The one part of the land I just cant get enough of is the massive hole on their land that was at one time was a  pond but dries up in the summer mounts due to heat. The fact that the hole being so fertile an extreme amount of green grows in it, such as small trees, shrubs, and thick grass. I do not see this any where else. To me this is so aesthetically pleasing.

Chicago trip blong #3

We recently had a conversation in class. Some sated that in order to have an appropriate aesthetic experience when observing that they can't be interrupted by outside influences or other opinions. We used the example that when going on vacation, it’s best to explore the city on your own and get away from the tour guide and brochures. I had a hard time agreeing with this. I recently took a trip to Chicago, it was by far one of my favorite vacations and cities I have visited, thus far. The Navy Pier, the buildings, and the 65° temperature it got to the middle of the summer with a slight breeze were elements that made Chicago one of the best cities I have ever visited.

There was one key component that made me realize I could not agree with our conversation in class regarding that you need to experience landscape by yourself in order to have an appropriate aesthetic experience. Without the help of some of the locals explaining different monuments, buildings, and history of Chicago, I would not have appreciated it the way I did.  Without the double-decker tour guides we took, I would not have known any of the history, stories, and people that were associated with Chicago. Stories and history that came with the outside influences from the locals and tour guides made me appreciate the city that much more. For example, we saw the cathedral that Al Capone's daughter got married in. After the wedding service, Al Capone murdered a man on the side of the church. To this day, you can see the bullet holes and some blood from murder scene still embedded in the limestone of the church. This is a story that I never knew and knowing the story helped me appreciate this cathedral more than I already did.

Blog #5

Recently we have been discussing the appropriate way to aesthetically appreciate buildings and man made structures.  One thing that immediately comes to mind is the Cincinnati skyline, especially at night.  Living in Cincinnati and sometimes only focusing on the negative traits makes me forget about the beauty it possesses.  Cincinnati has a rich history that is captured in its skyline.  One can see the everything from the stadiums to the work offices and everything in between, but when taking a step back to look at the entire landscape, the only word that does it justice is beautiful.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog #5

In this class we've been talking about the aesthetic beauty of buildings and man made objects. A place that I find aesthetically beautiful is Great American Ballpark. From the stadium itself with everything that was put into making it and the way it looks took so much time and its beautiful. The field itself is aesthetically beautiful with the way the grass is cut to the dirt on the field. When I go to reds games I like to just look around and see everything that went into the stadium and look at its aesthetically beauty.

Blog #5

Recently, we have been discussing the appreciation of nature through the use of scientific knowledge and common sense. I must admit, that I am not completely aware of the scientific background of all my surroundings, but I still am able to appreciate them and find them beautiful. I find different farm lands and acres of crops, remarkable and beautiful, but I am not always sure of what is being grown or how the farmers have planted and treated the crops. I see the acres of detail, diversity, and color. I do not know when the best time to grow the different plants are or when to pick them, but that doesn't mean I can't look at them and not appreciate their nature and surpassing beauty and detail. Scientific knowledge may enhance my knowledge, but I don't fully need it in order to appreciate my daily surroundings.

Blog # 5 Devils Tower

I subscribe to the belief of applying myth, and symbolism to Carlson's Model. It seems that he underscores it though. IN class we reffered to Devils Tower. The Cheyenne story of Mateo Tepee ( the bear) Climbing the  rock sides clawing them up and the seven sisters who became the stars of the big dipper is a myth. I find it to be a remarkeable coincidence that the big dipper is part of a larger constellation, Ursa Major (the Bear ) and has no native american lineage rather a Latin (ancient Rome). Being aware of this significance and knowing a little about the geology involved with rock formation and orogenesis compliment each other. Being able to link the natural stirations of Devils tower to a myth provide at least a deeper experience and appreciation. And the commonality between local legends that are oceans away amplify the apprecistion as well. I wouldn't say it is more appropriate. But certainly more richer than some jerk who saw devils tower and said Wow what a cool rock.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Local Hero

The characters in Local Hero were reflections of the frameworks discussed by Carlson.  In particular, Ben's personification of the aesthetics of engagement was an example of the downfalls of Carlson's argument.  Ben was the one character in the film who was not willing to compromise with the oil company.  His argument was partially aesthetic even though he had only minor qualifications for an aesthetic judgment according to Carlson.  He uses myth and symbol to appreciate his home more than science and form.  Contemporary use and history also contributed to his appreciation and may redeem his judgment a little.

Furthermore, Ben primarily evaluates the beach as his home, not just territory or terrain.  The place and setting he focuses on are where he finds true beauty.  His home is not merely beautiful, but irreplaceable for Ben.  Ben's connection to the beach made it impossible for the oil company to buy it from him.  It is that engagement with the beach that makes it so special for Ben.  This is reflected in his aesthetic appreciation and makes it the most powerful in the film.  This is where Carlson's theory is lacking.  Many people appreciate nature through the curriculum Carlson provides.  However, the disregard for other sources of appreciation undermines appreciation through engagement such as Ben's.

tmc field station Blog #5

During the summer I had an internship at the TMC field station. It was a wonderful experience and I was able to live in one of the houses while I worked there. It was great to wake up in the mornings and look out your window to see the Ohio River. It was a very relaxing place to live and you feel kinda like you're away from everyone else in the world. Not only was it nice living there because of the scenery and peacefulness but it was nice to be right across the street form where I worked. You don't have to get up too early and drive anywhere and it was nice not having to worry abut traffic or being late.

Forest Bathing

This goes back to our discussions the first few classes when we discussed "Walking".

I found this article on ways to "boost" health and it looks like forest bathing is the answer!  Forest bathing is the English translation of Shinrin-yoku which is a Japanese term for wandering in the woods.  It is scientifically proven to boost health.  Though we have discussed how going on walks can help our appreciation of nature, we haven't necessarily discussed actual health benefits.  Environmental aesthetics is truly inter-disciplinary in nature.  This is just one example of how aesthetic appreciation of nature is contingent upon the knowledge of and immersion in it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Blog #4

In an effort to talk about something that s different from what I've talk about the previous blogs is when I went skydiving. Despite how scary it might seem, but skydiving is one of those thrills that one must experience. On top of that the environment around you when you are flying up and then fell you are free falling down through the air. Honestly flying up into the air was so amazing to see. Seeing the grass and trees get smaller until the point where you see the area below you look like squares of areas. Its very picturesque to see these areas of the environment from that view and honestly I felt like superman when I was up in the air. The other really beautiful part about the environment when you are skydiving is when you are free falling. When you free fall, you start to see the squares you saw while up in the area start to turn into the environment you saw as you were going up. In other words, skydiving provides one with picturesque scenery going up into the sky and back down.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blog Post 4

Last summer I had the opportunity to go down to Orlando, Florida to help coach a youth basketball team. During the time I was down there I had the ability to venture off to Cocoa Beach for one of those days. Having the opportunity to enjoy the day at the beach was absolutely fascinating to me, it was absolutely astonishing to be able to experience the beauty of the ocean. For me, I rarely have the opportunity to go to the beach so I took full advantage of relaxing and experiencing what brings people from all over to this beach. There is nothing more relaxing in my mind than a day at the beach. I felt as though I was one with it the day I spent there, from laying on the sand to feeling the ocean water run up against my feet. There were people everywhere and seagulls flying, it was very neat to have opportunity to experience an environment unlike my own. If I am ever in Florida again I would love to be able to go back and visit Cocoa Beach.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog 4

Another place that I have been that is very beautiful is Lockegee Rock in Morehead, Kentucky. Even though it is called Lockegee Rock it is actually a mountain. Being at an elevation of 1,273 feet, it is deemed to be the highest peak in the Northern area of the Daniel Boone National Forest. It is a secluded place. A lot of the students from the nearby Morehead State University hike up there often. When you make it to the top it provides you with a beautiful view. It is completely enveloped by nature and you can tell with all the animals, streams, and various plants that inhabit it. It is one of the most beautiful places to go if you want to see as much raw nature as possible. I would definitely recommend everyone to take a trip there at least once. Below are some photos of Lockegee in all different seasons.

Blog 3

Soccer is my favorite sport. I have been playing ever since middle school. Our high school team never had our own field, instead we were given a field in near the woods. It was nothing fancy, just a field with two goals. The ground was uneven, there were always tons of bugs, and very humid. Everyone always hated practicing there, but, now that I look back on it, it was a very aesthetic place. It had those characteristics because it was an untouched piece of nature. We were the only ones, besides animals, who used the field. It also had a small creek that ran along the edge of it. The only noise you could hear was the nearby animals and the sound of soccer balls hitting the back of the net. I will never forget these memories and if I could, I would go back in a heartbeat.

Blog 4

Another place that I find beautiful and extremely peaceful, is the golf course. Each golf course has its own beauty no matter where it is at. Some of the public courses here dry up in the middle of the summer, but just because the grass is brown doesn't mean that the course isn't beautiful. There are many attributes of beauty to golf courses. There is the short green grass, the trees and landscape, and even the lakes and ponds although they can cause trouble to your game. One of my favorite courses in northern Kentucky is actually Kenton County. They have three different courses with a total of 54 holes. That means you have 54 chances to appreciate the beauty that is around you. Each course has its own beauty and difficulty as well. There is also a very beautiful golf course that we go to in Naples, Florida that is probably my all-time favorite course as of now. It is very beautiful, especially since the vegetation down there is different than the vegetation that we see up here and even on our golf courses. When you are on the course doing what you love, it helps you appreciate your surroundings and see the beauty in it all. It always helps when you even play well that day. When you are on the course you also see different animals such as the birds, deer, squirrels, and  rabbits. You can get to see the real beauty of nature when you are on the golf course. It is easy for people of all ages to appreciate what is around them when they are actually out in nature participating in whatever it is they love to do. The golf course is just one of those places I can go and relax and do what I love, but at the same time see and appreciate the beauty of the nature around me. To me, golf courses are all around beautiful places that anybody can go and enjoy what they see.

Blog 3

One place that is undeniably beautiful is Hawaii. This past summer, my family went to Kauai and Maui for our vacation. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There were so many picture perfect sceneries. Kauai is more about the nature of the land, while Maui is more industrial. Both islands are beyond beautiful in my opinion. All you had to do was walk outside and you would see so much beauty in a matter of seconds. To me it is hard to imagine anywhere that is close to as beautiful as Hawaii is. Also all the natives from there were very nice and helpful to all of the tourists. There was beauty in the mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and pretty much everywhere you looked. If I had the opportunity, I would go back to Hawaii in a heartbeat because of the beauty that surrounds you. Everybody that visits sees the beauty, so it makes it even more special because others are seeing and understanding similar things as you. It is different when you are at home because not everybody appreciates the things that you do. I know some people don't appreciate the beauty that is here on campus, but if you take a minute, there are so many beautiful things here. It was great to see people of all ages appreciating their surroundings.

Blog #4

During the winter times I find the snow to be aesthetically beautiful. The way it covers the trees and the ground makes the nature around us to be more appealing to the eye. Snow also reminds me of Christmas time when you get to spend time with family and friends. During the winter unless you are shoveling most people tend to be in happy moods.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blog #4 human environments

 In regards to human environments and appreciating a man made landscape, I have one question that seems difficult to answer. Can a parking lot that has been plowed and snow banks are piled up high with dirty and grimy snow be appreciated for it aesthetic value. I think not.

Blog #4

In our class we have been talking about the snow and the cold weather that we are dealing with now and I love the snow except for the cold temperatures. Whenever it snows it takes me back to my childhood and how much fun we all had as kids playing in the snow and hoping for snow days.  I find snow to be a beautiful thing and I feel when it snows everyone is happier rather when its rainy or just very cold. Just seeing all the snow covering the whole campus is just a beautiful thing.

Blog 4

We have been talking about snow in our class and it has been snowing a lot this year and that is the only thing that is on my mind. Snow is such a beautiful thing to my eyes. Its such a picturesque object that we see, everyone that i know loves what snow does to the trees how it just covers the trees and covers the ground and makes it look like this nice winter wonder land. But once we step outside into it we immediately hate it because of how dangerous it is. Life is like the weather, it is such a beautiful thing but we never know whats going to happen. It could be a easy to tolerate sometimes like in the summer but but it can also be hard to move and get to the place where you want to go because of obstacles in your life like the snow. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Blog #4

With all this talk about the snow and the ice that has been plaguing us for the last month or so, I do remember a place that was from my childhood that was truly picturesque. It was at Greener Elementary in Mt. Healthy and there was this abnormally big hill that was so much fun to sled down when it snowed like this, at least it was huge to me as a child. I guess I could say I am remembering how I looked at the hill that I would always go sledding on through the eyes of a child and how I appreciated that part of nature. What most I remember was whenever it snowed, that was the place to go when one wanted to sled around my neighborhood. The hill is still there and whenever I go by the hill, I can remember all the fun memories I had there and how picturesque I still find this hill at Greener Elementary.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog #4

The weather that has been accumulating over the past week has brought to thought the idea of what is picturesque. When the initial snow falls it is glistening and beautiful, but once it is pushed to the side by plow trucks and cars, its beauty turns to an unfortunate gray and dirty sight.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Blog #4

This past week's weather has only made the idea of "picturesque" become reality. As soon as you walk outside the door you are surrounded by this winter wonderland, from the frozen trees to the icicles hanging from the roof. Looking out over the yard, it seems as if the land is untouched by humanity and in itself perfection. The land represents the perfect scene and view, with a picture only beginning to grasp its entire true beauty.

Blog # 4 Natural Bridge

I have gone on many vacation trips to Natural Bridge with my family. I love to go hiking a lot and I find it very enjoyable and relaxing to be in the woods. Its very peaceful and i love to see  nature when its  almost untouched. Natural Bridge provides a natural beauty that in my opinion is very hard to find now because of all the development in the world. Even though it is a tourist attraction in a way and brings a lot of people around, I find that it still maintains a a certain level of naturalness and the area is well taken care of in regards to leaving it clean and wild. I enjoy seeing nature in the wild like that where it belongs.

Costa Rica

This is a picture of the waterfall in La Fortuna Costa Rica.  I visited Costa Rica back in 2011 with the women's soccer team here at Thomas More. It was a wonderful experience and I have many more beautiful photos to share at a later time.  This is one of my favorites, it is very picturesque and so naturally green.  The whole country is outstanding with so many natural sites to see. Can't wait to go back one day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blog 3

Growing up an avid sports in Cincinnati I have spent many afternoon and nights at Great American Ballpark. For me the home of the Cincinnati Reds is very aesthetically beautiful. When thinking in terms of Environment Aesthetics I think the Natural environmental model best describes the ball game, with every game you get those experiences of witnessing thousands and thousands of fans all dressed in their Reds apparel. The sights of the game absolutely astonishing as the players show why it is our national pastime with the swing of the bat and the flight the ball. The game brings with it sounds you will hear no where else, which include the crack of the bat, the smacking of the leather gloves and the fans cheering on the team. For anyone who has not a experienced a Cincinnati Reds baseball game I recommend that you take an afternoon or evening go watch some of the most talented athletes in the world put on a show that is an absolute work of beauty.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blog #3

Some people find places aesthetically pleasing and others do not. I find a baseball field aesthetically pleasing. Some people do not like the smell of pine tar or the feeling of being dirty, but i find it very aesthetically pleasing. On the same note i do not find being in a museum very aesthetically pleasing, i find it boring and dull. While others might find this place to be beautiful, i would much rather be in a place that is more involved with nature.

Blog #2

A second place that I consider beautiful is sitting inside my car. When i have to drive long ways, i feel relaxed and have my thoughts to myself. I can play music that is pleasing to the mood that i am in. Some people find driving long ways terrible, but it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing experiences for me.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blog 3

A place that i find aesthetically beautiful is Fernbank Park. I find this aesthetically beautiful because of how the park is designed. they have trails that when you walk on them you go into the woods and you can also see the Ohio River as well. I always take my dog down there and when I'm done with the trails i sit on the bench and just look at the river and all the boats that pass by. 

Blog #3 Austin Justice

Currently, I'm contemplating the material we covered in class recently. According to Carlson's five requirements for a model, the Natural Environmental Model ultimately exists as the only one with which an individual can appropriately and aesthetically appreciate the natural world. The Natural Environmental Model declares that through the employment of common sense, coupled with scientific knowledge of nature itself, we can "acheive appropriate aesthetic appreciation" (Carlson 34-35). While I agree with Allen Carlson that a broader intellectual base tends to stimulate an increasingly accurate response, I also believe that we must immerse ourselves in nature, in order to wholeheartedly experience the flora and fauna of the natural world. For example, Thomas More College is nestled in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, a small, but prosperous city which strives to balance the quality of life with growth. Although the disruption of the natural world is perceived in a negative context, I would argue that beauty exists beyond the eye of the beholder. The close proximity of Thomas More College offers students and staff alike the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their respective surroundings. In turn, this promotes a sense of community amongst its members, which greatly increases the chances of success for a multitude of individuals. Especially for me, the beauty of Thomas More College can be visualized through the everyday actions of others. I cannot go through the course of a single day without a door being held for me, a friendly greeting from peers and professors alike and so much more. Thomas More College is in relatively close proximity to my hometown of Mason, Ohio. Therefore, I am far enough away from home to become self-sufficient, but close enough if any sense of urgency arises. Thomas More College offers its students everything, but asks for nothing in return. Each and every day, there is a different fun activity/event that engages others. Though Thomas More College may not subsist as pristine nature, uninterrupted by human interference, it will persist as a remarkable institution throught which an individual can succeed. Considering the fact that beauty is relative, my perception of it differs from almost everyone else's opinion. What could be more beautiful than the progression from the past, to the present, to the future? Sincerely, Austin Justice

Monday, February 3, 2014

Blog #3

Blog #3

A place that I see aesthetically beautiful is the white water park.  I've always lived right down the road from it and for my environmental science class in high school we would always take trips down to the park.  I find it beautiful because everywhere you look you see something that you may not have noticed before and its all just nature no one has made improvements to it. 

Blog 2

Snow can be very beautiful when looked at in the right way.  My favorite way to view snow is early in the morning during sunrise right after it has finished falling.  This is the time when it is freshest and at is most pure.  At this time the snow is untouched and the sun reflects off it.  The snow at this point reminds me of a world untouched by mankind.  As the day progresses we walk, drive, and play in the snow corrupting it and turning it into brown mush.  A day of fresh snow represents a new world be corrupted by humans.  And in this I see beauty.