Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blog #4

My cousins have some land in Westchester, Ohio, where I spend a lot of my time at during the summer mouths. We utilize their land to make time go past as their is not much going on out their. My older cousins has invested in some off road vehicles over the years  such as go carts, four wheelers, and dirt bikes. We often fiend ourselves riding the dirt trails for recreational use, and hands down this is one of my favorite stress relievers. As we take sharp turns, and ride through trains like creak beds, and muddy hills I cant help but to take In all of the wiled life along the way. The one part of the land I just cant get enough of is the massive hole on their land that was at one time was a  pond but dries up in the summer mounts due to heat. The fact that the hole being so fertile an extreme amount of green grows in it, such as small trees, shrubs, and thick grass. I do not see this any where else. To me this is so aesthetically pleasing.

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