Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog #4 Austin Justice

As I reflect upon my past experiences, I am inclined to elaborate upon the place I call home. My own humble abode is nestled amongst the prosperous, successful and suburban town of Mason, Ohio. Our residence seems to wholeheartedly captures the essence of the nuclear family; the red brick house with forest green shutters draws parallels with the common colors of Christmas. This highlights our emphasis on spending quality time together, as a family. The withered wooden mailbox serves as a testament to the solidarity of family life, as well as the longevity of friendships. The messy, mossy grass is always meticulously cut down; this further conveys the consistent organizational process that we go through each and every day to achieve a sense of perfection. The uneven, unknown landscape in the backyard usually contains two Siberian Huskies that sprint and slide across the slippery morning dew. As Allen Carlson expands upon, a cultural or personal connection with a landscape may conjure up a heightened, intense and relevant response of the natural world. Considering the fact that I was born and raised in this delightful dwelling for the entirety of my life, I hold each and every characteristic of the house near and dear to my heart. Furthermore, the multitude of memories that linger in my mind also enhances my perspective on the nature within and surrounding my house. I cannot express in words the gratitude I have towards my home. While I recognize that time continues to tick on, I know that I am not alone; I can and will always come home. Sincerely, Austin Justice

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