Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog # 5 Devils Tower

I subscribe to the belief of applying myth, and symbolism to Carlson's Model. It seems that he underscores it though. IN class we reffered to Devils Tower. The Cheyenne story of Mateo Tepee ( the bear) Climbing the  rock sides clawing them up and the seven sisters who became the stars of the big dipper is a myth. I find it to be a remarkeable coincidence that the big dipper is part of a larger constellation, Ursa Major (the Bear ) and has no native american lineage rather a Latin (ancient Rome). Being aware of this significance and knowing a little about the geology involved with rock formation and orogenesis compliment each other. Being able to link the natural stirations of Devils tower to a myth provide at least a deeper experience and appreciation. And the commonality between local legends that are oceans away amplify the apprecistion as well. I wouldn't say it is more appropriate. But certainly more richer than some jerk who saw devils tower and said Wow what a cool rock.

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