Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chicago trip blong #3

We recently had a conversation in class. Some sated that in order to have an appropriate aesthetic experience when observing that they can't be interrupted by outside influences or other opinions. We used the example that when going on vacation, it’s best to explore the city on your own and get away from the tour guide and brochures. I had a hard time agreeing with this. I recently took a trip to Chicago, it was by far one of my favorite vacations and cities I have visited, thus far. The Navy Pier, the buildings, and the 65° temperature it got to the middle of the summer with a slight breeze were elements that made Chicago one of the best cities I have ever visited.

There was one key component that made me realize I could not agree with our conversation in class regarding that you need to experience landscape by yourself in order to have an appropriate aesthetic experience. Without the help of some of the locals explaining different monuments, buildings, and history of Chicago, I would not have appreciated it the way I did.  Without the double-decker tour guides we took, I would not have known any of the history, stories, and people that were associated with Chicago. Stories and history that came with the outside influences from the locals and tour guides made me appreciate the city that much more. For example, we saw the cathedral that Al Capone's daughter got married in. After the wedding service, Al Capone murdered a man on the side of the church. To this day, you can see the bullet holes and some blood from murder scene still embedded in the limestone of the church. This is a story that I never knew and knowing the story helped me appreciate this cathedral more than I already did.

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