Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Walk

Similar to Rachel, my walk basically consisted of me walking/jogging with friends around the neighborhoods near TMC's campus. We never know where we're going but in our attempts to exercise we always stumble upon the cutest houses and areas in general. I think I'll add "cute" to the list of words we use in environmental aesthetics, as opposed to picturesque, sublime, or beautiful. Cute could almost be synonymous with picturesque, though, because when I think of cute, it is the perfect houses with the perfect yards and the perfect landscaping. They should be in a picture book. However, as I was walking, the perfect neighborhoods reminded me of one of the essays I read and wrote a micro-essay on. The author, whom I cannot recall at the moment, wrote about how the prettiest of lawns may look healthy, but that does not necessarily mean that it is. We use fossil fuels in our lawnmowers to mow to keep our lawns looking clean cut. We eliminate weeds that make our lawn look unruly. The environmental ethics part of this course is what has interested me the most, and seems to be a common theme in my final paper, micro-essays, and even my blogs. So, the ethics of keeping our environment healthy is what went through my mind as I went on my walk.

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