Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog 3

When I tell people about a little island in Lake Erie, close to Canada border, I get mixed responses.  Some people don't have a clue what/where Put-In-Bay is, some people say the great fishing island, some people say the party island, and some others say it holds historical significance.  All of these are dead on the money when you talk about this small island but a lot of people don't say, the island with beautiful scenery.  The island is so small that everyone rides around in golf carts or take bikes everywhere they go.
The pictures below show better than I can explain.  I was amazed to go on a boat ride and all of a sudden we come around a bend and you see a huge out of service ferry hanging off a cliff over the water.  I thought this was odd especially when I found out that this was actually a functional house that owners rent out to people visiting.  The island also holds natural beauty with all the trees and surrounding waters, but it also holds a small cave that has amazing views as well.  Small but beautiful.  The island also consist of the "The World's Largest Bar" where you can see plenty of great sights of natural beauty with drunks passed out in the park in front of the bar.  The island is a great place to go fishing.  Not only is the fishing good but you can see breath-taking views of the island, and a 20 minute boat ride you can see the Canada border as well.  If you ever get the chance to visit this place I encourage you to go and see what it's like.  I love going here and being able to get my mind off of everyday stresses and just relax.

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