Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Walk

My aimless walk was actually pretty aimless. We recently moved out in southern campbell county.
I was trying to sleep when my mom kept telling me to do my homework. Eventually she told to get out of the house since i wouldnt do my homework lol. So i went outside and just walked around. I found myself wandering around the woods just because i didnt wanna work on homework. When I was a little younger and lived at my old house I would spend so much time in the woods that I could literally name where every tree was and every trail. Now that I am older it seems as that is not true to today. It seems to me as we get older priorities change so much. Instead of worrying what our layout of our treehouse might be we are worrying about making car payments and getting to work on time. I have always told myself that when I grow up I will always find time to enjoy myself. Whats it worth trying to make as much money as possible your entire life and not taking the time to spend or not even spend it but take time to enjoy life, after all YOLO! ( you only live once )

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