Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bugbee's Allure of the Swamp

Just as Thoreau, Bugbee also saw the allure in the swamp.  Bugbee talked about wanted to jump into a swamp that was near his school, a swamp that no one could help but jump into, even though it was dirty and frigid.  The swamp was most alluring after winter but when the sky was still gray and cold.  This swamp (or wetland), near my home, had a certain wild beauty to it that catches my eye every time I walk past it.  The murky water is a beautiful green color from the algae that grows in the it, there are no misquotes near it, so it is very approachable, and the bridge that crosses over it often has people on it, deep in conversation.  The trees offer enough shade in the summer, but are sparse enough in the spring and fall to give light to see.  It has a beauty that one can't pinpoint, even though it is just "a swamp."

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