Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Building Aesthetic

I find it very interesting that we discussed the beauty in architecture. I have traveled to many different parts of europe where their architecture is older and considered more pleasing.

In valencia spain they embrace both modern and old world style.
This particular church had 500 years worth of different architecture.

This is a portion of the ciudad de sciencias.

Each of these has a different style but have their own aesthetic.
There is incorporation of natural aspects as well with gardens.

In valencia they also redid a portion of the city that was a river. The river dried up and they were deciding if they would make it into a park or highway. The following pictures are portions of this area that include different sections between the bridges.


  1. These are fantastic pictures! I find those modern buildings very aesthetically elegant.

    Perhaps they are reaction against the traditional, "box-like" skyscrapers that Scruton criticized so much. They seem designed to minimize human intervention in nature - open, airy, filled with glass, streamlined, more organic.

    What is the name of the that Spanish church by the way?

  2. beautiful! We went to barcelona a few years ago. talk about some beautiful architecture going on.

    Was your piece in Kiki about the perfume? i loved it! I used to LOVE making "perfume" when I was young - but that was basically just grinding up some rose petals - with a good handful of grass thrown in. Cool stuff you're contemplating on your blog...I'll be back. :)