Monday, March 26, 2012


I figured since we were talking so much about that crazy rowing coach that I would share some pictures from my experience with Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club here in the area.

This is the girls lightweight 8 for the national championships in 2006. This was a day before the big race and although you cannot see the coach he is to our left in a boat with a megaphone.

This is the actual race for nationals that we raced. We are in there somewhere between everyone.

Then us dead tired rowing back into the docks. At this point we thought we placed 4th but our insane coach came running on to the dock yelling that we have placed second.

So we got medals!

Unfourtunately no pictures of our coaches with megaphones on bicycles could be located. But, I do relate the the conversation of thinking that they are crazy but loving them for their passion of the sport.

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  1. I think rowing is such an awesome sport that doesn't get enough attention. I can't imagine the determination and stamina it takes for the sport. No wonder the coaches have to be so motivating.