Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog 7--Tornadoes

This is only a fraction of what happened over Spring Break.  It was a Friday night, I had to work and lots of events around the community were planned.  Sirens started going off, the rain pouring, wind blowing up to 70 mph or more.  This weather caused a huge amount of tornadoes around this area and southern Kentucky, as well as other states.  It did a tremendous amount of damage.  This picture was taken in Crittenden, Ky, about 30 min from Edgewood.  Houses, land, trees, everything was torn to pieces.  I also drove to Piner, Ky, which was just as bad.  The sign says "Thank and volunteers!"  Everyone was pitching in and helping out as much as the could.  To see the destruction that can be created by mother nature is incredible.  I never imagined a tornado hitting this close to home, luckily everyone and everything was okay in my area.  This had a huge impact on communities and families and it will forever leave a mark on this land and on these people.  To see a hardship like this close to home really puts things into perspective.  This was a huge event that will be remembered.  This tornado was a quarter mile wide and lasted 20 miles, from the reports.  It is amazing what nature is capable of, and something we shouldn't test.  


  1. I was on the road during the storms. The rain was so badly ruining visibility we had to pull over onto a country road and wait it out. The car was getting rocked around by sheer force. I was viscerally panicked. I must say that for all the appreciation of nature's raw power when watching a documentary or youtube video things change when one is no longer safe behind sturdy walls. "Immersion" in nature is definitely overrated in some instances.

  2. I remember being in Louiville the day that the storms started. We were to leave for Florida that night and it was terrible. Being from the city I'm so used to all the warnings about severe weather but it never really got that bad so with that when I hear the warnings I never take them too serious. However driving through the neighborhood and seeing winds blowing trash cans and etc. across the street really took me by surprise. I've learned that you really can't take nature lightly because it really is a force that can destroy anything in its path.