Monday, March 19, 2012

Storms in the sky and Animals. Blog #8

To me there is nothing more appealing than once the weather starts to warm up the way it has been this week. (Granted, it makes it much harder for me to concentrate on school work knowing that summer is right around the corner. ) Especially the fact that we get a lot of storms around this time.
To me there is something about watching storms brew in the sky that get me hyped- I could watch a storm for hours if it's more than just rain. The best part of a storm is right after it passes once the sky starts to lighten up and the birds and other animals start their chittering and chattering again-you know that you are truly in the clear.
Unlike some people, storms rarely scare me. When they do it's because animals begin to take cover. When I was younger I spent hours on end at my Pappaw's dairy farm. I still remember to this day watching storms pass on the back porch and wanting to go to the basement out of fear of ending up in Oz, granted I was still a child and still had the imagination in me that things like that could actually happen. My Pappaw always reassured me we'd be alright. One time I recall asking how he knew we'd be okay. His simple response was, " Cows aren't stupid. Sure, they'll try to kick me sometimes and piss me off- but they're not stupid. If they start gathering  together closer down over the hill in the bottoms then we worry. Until then, just watch." It was a good enough answer for me at the time and I've never really questioned it.
This was one of the lesson's my Pappaw taught me before passing. Just watch, and it's generally what I do. I'll be the first person outside watching the clouds, and the animals, once a tornado watch or severe thunderstorm is issued on the news.  


  1. I share your enthusiasm for the nice weather, but should summer really be just around the corner in the middle of March?