Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fernbank Park

This is a photo I took at a park near my house called Fernbank. It is right on the river and has a playground, walking track, and a place where you can walk down by the river. I usually take my 3 year old nephew there and every single time we go we have to go down by the river so he can through rocks into it. It is truly a beautiful park. The atmosphere is half of the beauty. If it's a nice day out, this is the first place I want to go to enjoy it. There are always beautiful sunsets there, like this one captured. You can see the passing barges and people out on their boats enjoying the weather. The natural beauty of this park is like nothing else.

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  1. This is a beautiful picture Maria. I really like how the sun hits the water in such manner that you can see a split in water that is colored and water that isn't being directly hit by the sun. Not only that but your picture has also frozen time and captured this large barge in action. Granted, they generally move incredibly slow, but you were still able to stop it. Not only do I like what is going on in the foreground but also the background where the hills and the sun is. The hills are given a mystique characteristic because the sun has fallen enough that it cant hit both sides of the hill. I am a huge fan of skyline-like portraits. They give any kind of landscape a sense of simplicity and uniformity. After all, sometimes it is important to revert to the basics of live to humble ourselves. Wonderful picture! I like the story behind it as well, I would love to have a niece or nephew to take out and spend time with!