Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ohio River Pollution

I found this image on a website for a tri-state environmental conservation agency's website. A low-view image, capturing a river filled with pollutants with the city in the back ground. I work at Great American Ball Park and walk over the river everyday on my walk to work and I always see an abundance of debris and trash in the water recently with the recent storms and high waters. Everyone in the area knows that the Ohio River in the area is pretty gross, I wouldn't swim in it or eat anything out of it, at least knowingly. But there was so much more trash than usual and it is really sad that this great body of water has been polluted as much as it has been. The other day in class we talked about how they are building a tourist trap or housing or something on the grand canyon, and it just seems to seem like every great natural gift humanity is given ends up being destroyed and/or polluted. The commercialization on anything that can make money, including nature, is destroying the gifts that the wilderness has to offer. Be these gifts are fragile and I fear that society may forever destroy the awesome sublime and aesthetic beauty found in nature.

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