Thursday, April 30, 2015

Natural Bridge

This is an image of the Natural Bridge at the Kentucky gorge. I try to take a trip down there every year and go hiking around the great trails in the area. Usually pretty crowded, the Natural Bridge is a favorite tourist site to go to. A giant bridge carved out by millions of years or erosion, it really is a sight to behold, serving as a true testament to the splendor of nature. I remember the last time I visited the bridge, there was a big community of Amish people, showing a deep bond that nature has among all of humanity. For my life and an Amish lifestyle couldn't be more opposite, yet we both share an almost metaphysical, primal attachment to nature, particularly the sublime and grandiose, such as the Natural Bridge. We are both encompassed by the sublimity and aesthetic appeal that the wilderness has to offer.

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