Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lighting Strikes

     What a flashback to my childhood. Growing up I remember multiple occasions where my family and I would go sit on our deck during a heat lightning storm. I always loved seeing the lightning bolts light up the sky but never come down to Earth's surface. People always make a connection between lighting and harm. Sure it may be damaging if it strikes something, but look at this picture, is it harming anything? No. Mother nature is simply providing light for Earth and providing a beautiful illumination. I love thunderstorms for this reason alone.
     When looking at this philosophically I look at the contrast of the lightning. The clouds are dark and gloomy until the illumination from the bolt gives life to them. Without a filter this picture provides a "purple" haze that isn't normal. You can't recreate this scene. No lighting strike is the same and no thunderstorm forms the same cloud formations. That's the beauty of it all. Everything is forever changing; capturing moments like this aren't rare, but they won't ever be the same.
    When reading Bugbee it's funny to see how he makes connections in the later part of life to events that happened in the earlier part of his life; like the swamp and the rowing. Lightning storms excite me because I can go back to when I was a kid when I had no worries in the world. All too often we look back on life and all we can say is "time flies." We need concrete memories like mine with the heat storms to bring us back to Earth and give us a relief from the world for a minute.

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