Thursday, April 30, 2015

I did not personally take this picture, but it is a image of the smokey mountains in Kentucky. I often camped in the smokey mountains, near Townsend, Kentucky growing up. These trips gave me some of my fondest memories of being in nature and exploring the wilderness. I remember every year, one day, we would wake up early to go on a hike and watch the sunrise. We would always drive to the set of hiking trails and hike up to the top of this mountain containing a very nice overlooking view of the mountain range. While I was still rather young, I remember looking out over the mountains, and the heavy fog, hence the smokey mountains, would play tremendous games with the rising sun, radiating vibrant colors and warming rays of sunshine. Looking back at experiencing that, I definitely experienced a Henry Bugbee moment, feeling consumed and in awe of the stunning beauty around me. There was no systematic logic I attached to the moment or a analytic framework I gave to the wilderness, I just experienced it. Which for Bugbee, would be a very sacred and holy experience.

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