Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blog #6

One place that I can definitely aesthetically appreciate is John James Audubon State Park. This park was named after the John James Audubon, a famous American artist and naturalist. He was also very famous for his love of birds. Today, that park is not only a good place to appreciate nature but also the wildlife. When I was younger, my grandparents would take me there to the lake to fish or use one of the paddle boats. I enjoyed it because it was different from other parks. Instead of being out in the open around other things it was more secluded. I remember going down a windy road with huge, tall trees all around us. There weren't a bunch of playgrounds either. A few swings and slides but mostly it was trails and the lake. Instead of giving your attention to the material objects one usually finds in a park I gave my attention to the natural things around me. It helped me appreciate it more and it is still one of my favorite places to this day. 

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  1. Where is this park? I have been to an Audubon park in western Kentucky, but this looks like a different place.