Friday, April 4, 2014

Blog 7

In Noel Carroll’s book he talks about being aroused by nature and being moved by it, and a place that comes to mind that I really like going to and seeing the nature is a park that I grew up nearby called Embshoff Park. The reason that I like going there is that is has trails that you can go on and it takes you back into the woods and you get to see all sorts of stuff that is beautiful. Just the smell of being in the woods is great because it is just straight fresh air hitting your lungs and you also get to see all the different things that we take for granted sometimes and it just makes you take a second to think hoe something can be so beautiful. Also I like going their because whenever you take the trail you always notice something different that you didn’t see before and it sometimes stops you in your tracks and then you just stare and look at it.

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