Tuesday, April 29, 2014

blog 9

This blog is going to be about the movie Grizzly Man and the aesthetics of is it right to invade a animals natural habitat. In my opinion i think its sad that Timothy got mauled and killed by a bear but he had it coming for a while now. If someone invaded my space and was all up in my business for a while then i would have retaliated as well maybe not kill the person but would have probably got the police involved because its stalking. Especially for grizzly bears they are animals that are killers and you never know what will happen when you are around a bear. I know he made friends with bears and loved them dearly but the bear that killed him was old and was pretty much hungry and fending for himself so he killed Timothy. Any bear would have done the same I know that how i am when i am hungry i feel like i could eat anything.

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