Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blog #8

Seeing the movie Grizzly Man was definitely an eye opener for me. I was thinking a lot of things when I was watching the movie. One thing I could not help but feel was laughter because of all the different interactions and scenes Treadmill has with the animals. Its impossible not to laugh at some of the scenes because it was Tim being Tim and he was funny in the scenes he did. Another feeling I felt while watching was how Tim wanted to save the bears from poachers and etc. He was doing a noble thing in his mind even if it was crazy and bizarre. And I have respect for him for trying to help animals out in the while because not a lot of people could say they did that to save animals. Another feeling I felt while watching was how foolish Treadmill was with living in some of the most dangerous spots with very deadly bears. While I had respect for him with wanting to save the bears, I find his actions in some of the movie foolish and a bit egoistic. The parts I found very foolish and not smart was Treadmill going to dangerous places with dangerous bears. Especially when he brought that poor girl with him which obviously turned out tragic. There should have been some point where he needed to stop and think that going to this dangerous place with deadly bears with a woman. But overall, I liked the movie for the most part and it was a great point of view to see from the movie.

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