Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blog #9

After watching Grizzly Man, it really makes me question the extent at which I am engaging myself in the environment and natural world. Timothy Treadwell was a very brave and curious man to take his life and spend it with such dangerous creatures, such as bears. I would never have the courage or guts to put my life on the line to express my feelings about nature and animals. I understand that he was trying to dig deeper and explore these animals at a different level than any other person has explored, but maybe he was slightly naive in his journeys. He was trespassing on their natural environment, to an extent at which he was killed. Maybe if he would have taken a few steps back, he would have been able to enjoy the bears beauty even more. Timothy makes you question the extent at how far you should engage yourself in nature, to aesthetically appreciate it to its fullest potential.

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