Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Temporary Snow

I found our timing interesting the other day when we discussed Stan Godlovitch's Icebreakers within a few days of a snow that lasted a very short time.  I had a brief opportunity to take a few pictures of this snow that covered the ground and trees for a few hours then quickly melted away.

The snow was quite a beautiful sight, frosting the tops of the bare tree branches.  We know that it must melt away at some time, and it is not a very plausible idea to attempt to preserve the natural beauty of the snow.  Therefore, we appreciate the snow while we can - whether that be a few hour long window such as the one we experienced the other day or an entire, frigid season.  Besides, if we attempted to preserve the snow, that would leave no time for the beautiful flowers, leaves, and shoots that will cover these trees in a few months.

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