Friday, February 22, 2013

Blog 7: Roger Scruton

I don't know about everyone else, but Roger Scruton has been my favorite part of the class thus far. He is definitely not what you would expect when you are given the preliminary information that he is a philosopher. And when I did an internet search for him and discovered that he was also a college professor I was astounded once again because he is just not what comes to mind when thinking of college professors. My basic feeling toward Scruton is I like his style, not that I support fox hunting. Most of the philosophers that I have been exposed to in my life (including several here and many in a previous philosophy class at Georgetown College) have come across as rather boring and dry I must say. Scruton just seems like more of a real person to me. He doesn't play any games with image or what is going on in the environment around him. He smokes cigars during interviews that are being recorded. While I am not sure how I feel about the traditional conservatism that Scruton belongs to, I must say that I been simply entrhalled by the things I have seen about him thus far. He's alright with me, and I will most certainly not be forgetting about him any time soon!

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