Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Carlson's Positive Aesthetics

As we have previously read from Carlson, he believes that nature can only be truly appreciated when common sense and scientific knowledge is applied.  When Carlson discusses positive aesthetics then in this selection, he applies this same need for knowledge.  As he says, we "must use scientific knowledge to discover and experience positive aesthetic value."  He starts by crushing all other theories of positive aesthetics, much like in the first piece of his that we read.  Then he proceeds to describe how his theory is the best.  While I agree that using knowledge can help with know what to appreciate in nature, I think that Carlson is closed minded.  He doesn't believe that one can appreciate nature without knowledge.  This means that children can't appreciate nature and I don't think that's true.  Even Emerson said we should look at nature through the eyes of a child.  So while Carlson's theory may be beneficial  I don't think it should be looked at exclusively.

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