Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blog 6: Coexisting Viewpoints

From what I gathered from the reading and, more so, from the class discussion I believe that Saito was not trying to completely dispel any particular model for the aesthetic appreciation of nature and, rather, just talked about the shortcomings of other models as she saw it. I find myself agreeing with this stance on the different models of aesthetic appreciation. I remember when I read the selection by Carlson I did not think that it was wise to commit entirely to one way of viewing the aesthetic appreciation of nature. I think that there are some models that are stronger than others, but I do not think that one person can say that any one view on this subject is objectively wrong. The way I see it, there are strong and weak points of every model of the aesthetic appreciation of nature that we have seen so far. Someone in class made the statement sometime last week that it should be up to each individual person as to how they have aesthetic experiences. I feel like this is the closest to the answer that we can get. I hope that this has not been just another rant or too much on a subject that we have moved on from, but this is what I am currently thinking about in my own mind.

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