Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Noel Carrol

I really liked the piece "On Being Moved by Nature; Between Religion and Natural History" by Noel Carrol.  The idea that emotion has been left out is a very good point. How can we appreciate anything without feeling something?  It is impossible, appreciation is a feeling.  Emotional response to nature therefore has to be taken into account.  I also like this theory because it isn't exclusive but instead can coexist with others.  Carlson, however, only had one understanding and that is that scientific knowledge leads to appreciation.  Carlson say other theories as incorrect.  Carrol, however, believed that this theory can be combined with others.  Scientific knowledge or the similarity to art could both cause an emotional response.  The emotional response could then cause an appreciation.  Carrol's essay for me, served as a link between what causes the appreciation to the actual appreciation and that link being emotion.

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