Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blog #8: Landscapes in Video Games Part 2

The first video game I will look at is Halo.

In the background there is a ring like structure that is cutting through the sky.  That is actually an artificially crated ring in space that natural structures are crafted on, thus the name Halo.  This is a very interesting way to think of environmental Aesthetics, having an artificially created world that creates natural environments.  This also brings up an important question, can an artificially created environments still be considered natural environments?

Even today people are creating artificially constructed natural environments.  Many companies are replanting trees after they cut them down for lumber.  Once these trees grow back the forest that was cut down will reemerge, so is it still a forest or a man-made environment? or can a man-made environment be considered a natural environment?

In the Halo series, the Halo rings were created by an extinct ancient race of aliens.  These rings were made to prevent an infectious life form from destroying all living things.  I do not think that it was an accident that the Halo rings are full of naturally constructed environments.  The environment reflects its purpose as a cradle for living things.  The preservation of nature and living things also sounds a lot like an environmentalist.  Though Halo is a shooter, the moral lessons within the game are not about shooting and killing.  The fact is it is about the defense of all living and natural things.  The environments in the game reflect and support this, and if one is against shooters, you can at least take solace in the fact that in this one the main character is technically a badass environmentalist.

And now a leave you with a selection of landscapes from the Halo series that help enforce these Ideas

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