Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kestrel's Eye: Another Perspective

While Kestrel's Eye certainly was not a film that I would normally find myself watching, I can be easily amused, especially by vivid, some may argue beautiful images, like the ones that appear in Kestrel's Eye.  In terms of aesthetics, I found myself able to pull a variety of positive aesthetics from the film, but more frequently than that, I found myself experiencing a certain degree of wonder at the oddity of human customs and actions as viewed from a Kestrel.  In taking this outside perspective, we were able to view events including a wedding, a funeral, and a parade.  The most odd, in my opinion was the parade.  How self-absorbing of us to march ourselves around showing off colors, uniforms, flags, anything of the sort that lets people know that they're not as good because they're not in a parade!  There were even times I thought I could see the Kestrels rolling their infamous eyes too.  If nothing else, the film gave me an outsider's perspective, something that is difficult to achieve, but done masterfully by the makers of Kestrel's Eye.

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