Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Big Pinnacle

 Over the break, I had an opportunity to take a trip to Greensboro, North Carolina on a school visit.  If you've never made the drive to those coastal, Southern states from here, a good majority of the trip winds through mountains.  Here are a few photos I took on the trip.

The top picture is a view from what I believe is Interstate 74 ( Yes, there's another I-74, not the one that goes from Cincinnati to Indianapolis.) but the second one is particularly interesting to me.  It is a picture of "The Big Pinnacle" within Pilot Mountain Park just off of U.S. Route 52.  (This one I'm sure of - I was driving this section of the trip.)  I did a bit of research on Pilot Mountain and found out that it got its name from being used as a guide or landmark for early hunters / Native Americans.  It was named by the Saura tribe, the earliest known inhabitants of the region.  Any trails that lead near the rock are quite lengthy and steep and not at all suitable for a couple of unprepared passers-by in a time crunch to attempt.  The actual pinnacle is closed in attempt at preservation but there do exist a few trails that offer quite a view of the pinnacle and of surrounding areas as I was told.  The rock itself is quite breathtaking even from this simply achieved view from the road.  I recommend keeping your eyes peeled (Well, it's hard to miss) for "The Big Pinnacle" if you ever find yourself on US-52.  It's aesthetic worth is surely enough to preserve.

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