Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog #9: Reflections on Today's Bugbee Discussion

I found today's discussion of the Bugbee readings to be quite thought provoking and worth more attention than was given in class. First of all, my thoughts may not be perfect or exactly what Bugbee meant or was trying to communicate, but my following thoughts are where the overall discussion led. me.

The first thought I had that I have continued to ponder since class came in the portion of the discussion where the two presenting students shared how they came to select their current major and what their career directions were. Something from their past affected where they found meaning and where they are planning to head in life. Well the same thing happened to me. When I first went to college in the fall of 2011, I was a history major at Georgetown College intending on getting through with a relatively easy degree (no offense to history majors, just saying that science degrees are probably more difficult to acquire) and then going to seminary. However, after half of the semester had passed I found myself not happy with the path that I had chosen so I decided to change. I chose biology as my new major and medical school as my intended destination for a few reasons. The first was my father, who has a degree in biology and is currently a physician. I look up to him so becoming a physician also would be a wonderful way to prove that. Also, I have always been science minded. Even when I was in elementary school I was captain of the science club. So this new course was perfect for me, and it was affected by things that came back to me from my past.

Also I enjoyed the part of the discussion where we talked about "believing in order to understand". While I am not entirely sure of what Bugbee was saying here, this did spurn some thought as well. This is because this is how I function in the world. I believe to understand the world around me. This is due to my faith in God and His Son, Jesus. I base everything in my world view off of my faith in God and my beliefs. I look at the world through "faith glasses" if you will. My faith is the most important thing in my life and I would be nothing without God and my faith in Him. So this discussion of Bugbee led me here and I love pondering this part of my life.

This is where I ended up from today's discussion. Whether I'm completely wrong on interpretation or not, I throroughly enjoyed it!

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