Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blog #8

Although I didn't get to do anything terribly exciting on Spring break, I too have been to the Cincinnati Art Museum recently (twice in the last month for my Cincinnati art class.) There are in fact some captivating landscape paintings there. The class only focused on the Cincinnati Wing, so most of what I saw was done by Cincinnati painters such as Robert Duncanson, James Beard, Edward Hurley or other Cincinnati artists.

Here are a few of the paintings I found interesting, in terms of landscapes (I actually took these pictures at the museum):

The above is the picture, below are the Curator's Notes that were on the wall next to it. Not a whole lot in terms of an "aesthetically pleasing" landscape in the traditional sense, but I think it's interesting how it romanticizes the growth of industry.

This next one I just found all-around aesthetically pleasing, but then again it's VanGogh... (Obviously not in the Cincinnati Wing...)

Again, the Curator's Notes are at the bottom.

This one is one I saw at the museum but did not take a picture of:

Robert Duncanson. Blue Hole, Little Miami

I find this one to be more "intimate" as it's viewed from kinda the ground level instead of taking a higher vantage point. It puts you actually "in" the picture, so to speak, which is nice.

The VanGogh is still my favorite. But then again, who doesn't like VanGogh?

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