Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog #10

I just thought that today I would take a minute and reflect on something that was said in class. We did not spend a great deal of time on this point but it definitely made me think. During the student presentations one of the guys asked if we thought there was some way that an individual can "judge" their life and have some idea where they are headed (or if they are a "good" or "bad" person so to speak). I, as I always do, took this question and pondered it and tied it into my faith and continued to think on it even after class had concluded.

I most certainly think that an individual can know "where they stand" before they get to the end of their life and have to look back on everything that they have done. Some may not agree with me, but to me it is clear that this question is only answered through Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation for those who accept Him. If someone believes in Jesus, as I believe, then they are guaranteed an amazing, astonishingly unimaginable eternity forever in the presence of God Himself. However, if someone does not come to God, then sadly their eternity will be spent elsewhere. This breaks the heart of God but it is still reality. So, in my opinion there is only two sides to this question and neither side actually depends on the kind of things that a person has done in their life. Christians still make mistakes. God never asked us not to be human, but He did ask us to follow Him and do our best to keep what He says is right in our hearts. The bottom line here is this; there is definitely a way for someone to judge where they are headed after they die without having to wait and examine themselves on their deathbed. I, personally, think that that would be a terrifying place to be because if you are not sure where you stand on your deathbed, that may not be such a good thing.

This was not intended to be a rant, just my thoughts on whether or not someone can know where they are headed while they are still in the prime of life. Everyone is going to go somewhere.

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  1. I think the question whether or not someone is necessarily "good or bad" is a bit over thought. We all make our own mistakes, sometimes we learn from them sometimes we don't. No one is perfect but I'm sure we all know where we stand based on how we have treated others around us in the past and present, and how we plan to be in the future. And like you said, if we aren't sure where we stand on that scale or with Jesus Christ by the time we reach the end of the road, that really might be an issue.