Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blog #11: Spirit Walk on TMC Campus

I took my spirit walk yesterday on Saturday the 4/27/2013,

I wanted to wait and use it as a break from studying from the 4 back to back finals I have on Monday.  I also wanted to make sure I did not have any commitments so that I would feel forced to fit my walk into a preset time frame.  This allowed me to make sure I could use as much time I was wanted to be guided by nature.

In the end my walk lasted one and a half hours.  I started off by walking out of my dorm and was drawn in by the pound next to student parking. My freshmen dorm actually had a nice view of the pound, I stood there for a bit remembering waking up in the morning then looking out the window to see the weather, along with all my other freshmen memories.  I traveled up to the observatory and got a good look at the campus, remembering how something so familiar use to be so foreign.  I traveled to the woods behind the parking lot and enjoyed the branch sculptures.  This reminded me of all the art work I had done in the past.

In the end I walked back to my room and over an hour had past by, but then again you never know how long those tour guides are going to drive you around.

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