Monday, April 22, 2013

Bugbee pages 131-152

      In this section of Bugbee,  he discusses on one of the main topics of the book which is the need for experience.  Bugbee saw the need for experience as one of the priorities of life because without experience, nothing can be truly learned.  After an experience, one has a response.  This response is what will lead to the development of a meaning.  This meaning is what we take with us and can apply to our lives.  It is this meaning that creates our thoughts about the original experience.  So without experience, one can never lead to any type of thought about such a thing.  As Bugbee says, "Even when we are referring to the course of events, much or our invocation of the category of necessity has to do with our mode of response in the situation admitting of that reference. " 

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