Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sauntering (Blog 10)

Honestly when we were told to "saunter" it was the easiest assignment I've ever been assigned because I do it all the time already.  I think it clears your mind in meditation but can also leads to further reflections or thought.  Furthermore,  just because you are "familiar" with a place doesn't mean you can't experience something new and exciting each time you visit it!  For instance, last week I sauntered and for the first time in the 20 YEARS of my life I actually found a four leaf clover...only this time I wasn't really searching for it like I have done for years.  My eyes kind of fell upon it.  It looked like this:

Sometimes I feel like when you are not severely looking for things they can just appear to you.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I am still so excited I found it...I have it preserved in one of my heavier books so I can keep it and I'm really hoping it brings me luck in Finals Week :p

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