Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bugbee's final pages

                The last three blogs of Bugbee were November 2nd, 3rd and 5th.  On the first date, he discusses bells and the sounds they make.  He reflects on a bell at his college which would ring at the beginning and end of classes.  Other bells, however, don’t have such meanings, signify nothing in particular and are more random.  He then talks about the sounds that occur in Taxco, much of them being bells.  He says the sounds here remind him of nature and even says, “Even the fireworks seem natural there.”  I think that the sounds of nature is something that hasn't really been discussed much, but are a significant part of being immersed in nature. 
                The next two days tied in together I think.  First he discusses finality.  I believe he was trying to say that one can come to conclusions.  The conclusions will be proper if made using proper technique in which one observes all aspects.  He is cautioning, however, against one getting stuck in that conclusion and being closed minded.  Even if one has a certain view, they should still be open to other view points and new meanings/understandings.  He then goes into how he has more of an urge to study now as opposed to write.  His final sentence of the book was   “I am not content with what I have worked out; but I have worked out enough, perhaps, to be content to consider more carefully as I move along, and to welcome all manner of thinking other than my own.”    I believe this sentence ties into what he was saying about finality and conclusions.  While he is considering himself finished, as he has accomplished his goal, he is still not set in stone on the conclusions that he has made.  He also believes that in writing this, he has come to be better at thinking outside of his own conclusions and accepting other ways of thinking.  I think this is very important for all people to do as well.  One can learn and experience so much more if they are open minded. 

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