Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sauntering (blog 11)

So, I have yet had the chance to really "saunter" with as much time I've been spending in the art department getting all my stuff done and ready for finals as well as trying to get a bunch of long ass papers completed for other classes, but I plan to do my sauntering this weekend by going to Red River Gorge. I've never been there, so every step I take will be just a piece in my unplanned journey. I have absolutely no idea what awaits me there but I will be finding out quite soon!
I have come close to putting aside time to try taking my journey now before the last day of class but just like Ashley explained no matter where I go here I have an ultimate destination either way, for me if I just walked out the door right now the path guiding me would be the road and my final destination would be right back here to my house. Going to RRG with my boyfriend will be an interesting experience because I've never been camping anywhere other than in a camper and I have no idea if I'm parking my car somewhere and we're walking to another location to camp out or if I'm driving my car to the spot? I have no idea! I can't wait for my adventure though, it's exciting.

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