Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blog #3

I'm hoping to go to law school at Cornell in Ithaca, New York. Aside from being a very good law school (to put it simply,) the beauty of Ithaca is astounding. This picture is of Taughannock Falls in Ithaca.

This one is Buttermilk Creek, also in Ithaca. There's definitely something to be said for being able to get away from the "hustle and bustle" of everyday life and go somewhere so quiet and serene, a kind of "sleepy hollow."

Admittedly I haven't got to travel much, but the most awe-inspiring place I've been (thus far) is probably the Red River Gorge right here in Kenutcky. This picture is of the Natural Bridge. In a way, the forestation in Ithaca reminds me of a lot of the scenery we have right here in Kentucky (although we certainly don't get as much snow as upstate New York.)

On another note, I found Emerson's assertion in the text that the universe is composed of "Nature and the Soul" to be intriguing. Emerson states that "all that is separate from us, (the "NOT ME") is then NATURE." Emerson goes on to say that, although a man can own a parcel of land, he cannot lay claim to the landscape itself. "This is the best part of these men's farms, yet to this their warranty-deeds give no title." The idea that simple "land" can be owned but that aesthetic beauty is a more public good I find interesting.

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