Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blog 4: Grizzly Man

I have seen this movie before, and I have come to one conclusion about the grizzly man Tim, he is a little off.  As a man who loves nature I can appreciate one wanted to become one with nature as Tim did, but there is a line.  Respecting the space and habitat of wild animals is very important, and Tim did not do that.

Though his intentions were good, I feel Time was misguided.  There were many ways to help protect the bears, the way Tim choose to help them was a very dangerous one.  Also Tim’s method was very indirect.  I feel that if he wanted to help the bears so much he should have done something more direct like fund raising, protest, political groups ect..  Instead Tim choose a very indirect, time consuming, and dangerous method.  Looking at all his options, one has to question his own personal reasons for doing what he did.

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