Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blog 3

I am finally apart of our blog!! Start with a brief introduction, my name is Cameron Clemons and I am a junior studying graphic design. I'm from Louisville and love the great city that it is. I love photography and getting out and about with my son to capture what nature & the busy city have to offer.
I find just about everything aesthetically pleasing, I could go and find an old run down house and enjoy seeing how nature takes it toll over the house, and then again I can also enjoy beautiful sunsets by lakes and hiking. I'm ready to see what this blog is all about. So far people have great places they have been and great photos to show of these places.
First photo posted is from Doe Run park in independence where I find it very peaceful to sit at this bench and watch an listen to nature.
Second photo posted is of the Cincinnati skyline from Davou park. If you haven't been there I highly suggest to check it out. The view is amazing and so sublime.

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