Thursday, January 31, 2013


In Henry David Thoreau passage of walking he defines walking as something different than I initially think of.  If I was normally to think about walking, first walking as  a form of exercise comes into mind.  Then walking as a means of transportation, a means  of getting somewhere, such as to school, or to your car.  Thoreau, however, was discussing a different type of walking.  A type in which not many people can accomplish and in which he believes is an art that one must be born with.  He compared it to sauntering, saying it was a walk of a journey or adventure.    The setting in which the walking occurs is also important.  One can experience a better walk if surrounded by nature.  This passage has me excited for spring so I can go out on walks through the woods. While I will most likely use paths, which can be seen as a manipulated of nature, I don't want to get lost.  I believe this class will help me to experience walks in a different manner and I will be able to gain more from them.    

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